Internal Recruiter

London, England, United Kingdom · HR


Adaptavist helps 5 million developers build better software. We are the market leading partner to Atlassian, who make software that allows developers to do amazing work. We help companies use that software better.

You'll be joining two other internal recruiters who sit within our HR team. Our mission is to deliver an amazing candidate and hiring manager experience.

For candidates, we do this not by "selling" Adaptavist and the role in question but through engaging our prospects with enthusiasm, transparency and showing our own pride about working at Adaptavist. We're looking for someone who has a passion for representing their company and for recruitment, done the right way.

For hiring managers, we want to assess their needs and provide them with a clear timeline and plan to filling their positions. We work with them to find the best possible routes to market, help develop their interview structures and communicate with them effectively to guide them through the recruitment process.

The people we hire are smart, ambitious, pragmatic, and do incredible work. You'll be tasked with finding these candidates in multiple locations and timezones to fill a large number of different technical, operational and creative roles.

Duties include, but are not limited to:

Stakeholder management

Candidate management

Recruitment process

Project work





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